The first date is always a bit awkward, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do to fascinate her.

Compliment her. But do it subtly. She doesn’t want to feel like you’re trying to hard to impress her on the first date.

1. Look her in the eyes

Eye contact is a big one when it comes to first dates. If she looks at you intensely and you return the gaze, it means that the date went well and that she is interested in you.

However, don’t go overboard and look at her constantly as this can be creepy. Make sure that you have a good balance between eye contact and looking away to check out her surroundings or whatever else she wants to do.

You also want to compliment her, but don’t just focus on her looks. You can comment on her accomplishments, her skills and her passions. This shows that you are really listening and will make her feel special.

Another thing to note is that you should skip the kiss on a first date. This will prevent any anxiety on her end and will leave a bit of mystery to the relationship. You can also brush her arm or hug her goodbye to show that you care.

2. Make her feel special

During your first dates, you should try to make her feel special by giving her a little extra attention. You can do this by complimenting her, but don’t go overboard – the wrong kind of flattery can make her think that you are trying to impress her rather than truly admiring her.

Ask her questions that show you are interested in her beyond just what she is wearing or where she has worked. Find out what she cares about and how she is involved in her community. Ambition and passion are highly attractive traits in a man, and she will be much more impressed by you than someone who appears to have no interests beyond what you have told her about yourself.

Be a gentleman and do things like hold the door for her, help her up or down stairs, or even pull out her chair. This doesn’t have to feed into toxic masculinity, and it will show her that you are genuinely thinking of her.

3. Make her laugh

A large part of what makes a girl attracted to a man is his sense of humor. Laughter is a pleasant feeling that encourages people to open up and be more trusting. If you can make her laugh, she will want to keep talking to you.

One of the best ways to make her laugh is to tease her or make a funny observation about something that is going on in her life. For example, if she mentions being dumped recently, you could say, “Oh, I bet that hurts! That was so terrible!” This will make her laugh and feel comfortable around you.

You can also try to make her laugh by telling a funny story or doing a comedy impression. However, be careful not to rely too heavily on your humor when trying to impress her. That can come across as over-the-top or even creepy. Instead, use your humor as a tool to help you build a strong bond with her.

4. Be yourself

On your first date, it’s important to be yourself. Even if you’re nervous or worried, you should let it show through your actions and body language. Being genuine is attractive to most women.

Avoid sharing too much personal information before getting to know your date. It’s not appropriate to talk about your ex-lovers or that time you wet the bed when you were 5. Moreover, being overly negative is also a turnoff for most people.

Try to open the door for her or pull her chair up for her. This will remind her that chivalry isn’t dead and will make her feel special. In addition, always follow up with her after the date. This will give her closure and let her know that you’re interested in dating her. If she reciprocates your feelings, then you’re on the right track.