St Nicholas Church Deptford SE8 3DQ 

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Godly Play a God centred space, where Child Spirituality is our priority. Come and join us

Our children enjoy many activities whilst at church both inside and outside.

The children groups meet on Sundays please do come along and join us for a fun time whilst learning about God and building relationships with each other.  They also have fun after the service with each other, we often have shared meals and lots of play time 

Our children enjoy family trips out with the church, any child attending any of our Sunday children groups are able to enjoy these trips free of charge thanks to the generosity of our charities to further their Christian 


and relationship with one another and with God

Our Godly Play room, children learn through their own child spirituality.

Our sessions are led by our Children's Minister Maureen Vitler, who has over 30 years teaching experience. She works in in a team to deliver this excellent program of Godly Play 

Godly Play begins with story time. Then the children can discover the stories of the bible from the boxes on the shelves for themselves as well as enjoy arts and crafts whilst creatively extending their biblical and spiritual connection to God, their always keen to do more, even after the service!