St Nicholas Church Deptford

Out of Many One People in Christ 
Parish of St Nicholas and St Luke Deptford, Deptford Green London SE8 3DQ   tel 020 8692 2749


Deptford X fringe part of DepfordX festival 2018

Posted on 21 September, 2018 at 14:25
What a busy week, the church is bustling with activity! The church has been taken over by brilliant artists; on our top floor we have Celia Kinchington who has turned the classrooms into an art studio where she's painting live as well as showing finished works of art, the theme is 'Two lives as an artist' . In our downstairs hall we have Maureen Vitler and Pauline Watkins. Maureen is a modern artist the theme is 'Shape and colour in creation' and Pauline is a fine artist, their work compliment each other and give a rich expression of vibrant colour and creative flare. In our Crypt the mood is dark with red atmospheric lighting, the artist is Ed Hind, he produces 'cinema for the ears and music for the soul, his work this year is called 'Concrete and Green' The exhitbition is free so do come along and see them here at St Nicholas for more information visit

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