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Happy New Year 2019

Posted on 30 December, 2018 at 6:55
It's the beginning of a New Year what will your new year's resolution be? There are great ways to get involved at St Nicholas, you don't have to be religious to come along and volunteer, we believe in belonging before believing. If you want to be part of a warm welcoming community, come and do a bit of voluntary work, we would love to build up a team of people to help in all sorts of ways, from gardening to history we have lots of opportunities to meet new people and form lasting friendships at St Nicholas, just drop me a line and lets get building our friendship together I very much look forward to hearing from you Reverend Louise Vicar

Deptford X fringe part of DepfordX festival 2018

Posted on 21 September, 2018 at 14:25
What a busy week, the church is bustling with activity! The church has been taken over by brilliant artists; on our top floor we have Celia Kinchington who has turned the classrooms into an art studio where she's painting live as well as showing finished works of art, the theme is 'Two lives as an artist' . In our downstairs hall we have Maureen Vitler and Pauline Watkins. Maureen is a modern artist the theme is 'Shape and colour in creation' and Pauline is a fine artist, their work compliment each other and give a rich expression of vibrant colour and creative flare. In our Crypt the mood is dark with red atmospheric lighting, the artist is Ed Hind, he produces 'cinema for the ears and music for the soul, his work this year is called 'Concrete and Green' The exhitbition is free so do come along and see them here at St Nicholas for more information visit

On retreat

Posted on 20 August, 2016 at 14:55


My dear sweet husband, Mr Vicar has come to take me home after my week long clergy retreat, which was so awesome and wonderful all at the same time:)


He settles down after lunch. As he looks down at his computer, he's not paying attention though he claims he is, pointing to his head, he says 'it's all in here I'm taking it all in.'

I say 'I'm going to interview you'

he pays no attention to me


So Mr Vicar how are you?


I'm very well thank you,


he smiles not looking up from his computer, but I know that he's paying attention because his dimples are cutting deep into his cheeks as he grins to himself


He looks up concerned now bursts out loud, laughing and says 'oh dear,' now he realises that I'm actually interviewing him


How's your week been?


It's been good been busy but it's gone well


Have you missed me?


Yes I've missed you, I've missed you every day


Oh how romantic


I was jealous of you having the week here in the sunshine


Well it was very peaceful here


It's always peaceful here I can't believe how quiet it is


All I could hear was the odd bird singing, my mind is now clear and very refreshed


That's good, that's what you needed, you have to get away, I need it too.


Do you remember when we went on that couples retreat,


My lap is wobbling too much through laughter, I can't type


Couples retreat that wasn't a couples retreat, he shouts! Retreat that wasn't a retreat that was weird the people were weird the place was weird, I thought we were going to a convent, but ended up there instead. I need a cup of coffee. he says 


So would you go on a couples retreat again, I ask


Not there, I remember sitting at the bottom of the garden trying to hide from everybody, I remember meal times with an interesting group of people. He tweets his two fingers in the air making quotation marks.


He gets up to make a cup of coffee.


My husband is a coffee drinker


How's your sunburn


It's alright now actually, it took a few days but now it's back to normal again,


I start to laugh again my iPad giggling on my lap as I write this


I feel guilty, that you got sunburnt as I suggested the restaurant, I thought to make it up to you I thought I'd book us on a river cruise lunch


It was nice though, he consoles me 


I know, but you got burnt and it was my idea


That sounds nice, he blows me a kiss, where?


I grin....I haven't found a nice one yet, I'm looking for a nice one....Those biscuits smell strong


That's strange, (I can tell he's considering all the possibilities....don't vampires have a sharp sense of smell don't blame me I haven't spoken to anybody for a very long time!)


My very attentive husband gets the tea and his coffee quintessentially British thing to do. He nestles back in his chair and waits for his coffee to brew

Are you still interviewing me? he enquires 


He looks down at his kindle,

I'm very impressed you've embraced the technology. His deep blue eyes the colour of his shirt twinkle as he double raises his eyebrows at me

Are you flirting with me Mr Vicar

Maybe he grins

I grin back

Nicola Adams won another Gold medal he says glancing back down at his kindle

Wow that's so good. I don't think I've watched boxing since Mohammad Ali, but I'll watch it on iplayer.


I don't think it was a couples retreat, he blurts out,  He does that you just have to connect the dots and remember where you last left off!

He starts me off laughing again, eventually I manage to speak 'why?'

Because it wasn't just for couples

How do you know?

They didn't look like couples....there were some couples

I remember some people saying they had gone back year after year

What was it about it that made it a retreat?, it was just a house where you were forced to share meals....that's not funny...I'm going to google them to see if we can book there again, I know you enjoyed it really

Well a retreat is supposed to somewhere that's quiet and a place to be spiritually refreshed

Well it would have been if it wasn't for all that noise he says....I've just looked up a review from someone who says a place of rest and spiritual refreshment' .....he groans and huffs

For someone who groans he looks pretty amazing

Ahh they're doing a silent retreat week at the moment

Which makes me laugh even more......Would you like to go on a silent retreat?

I might do, how long do they last

I burst into laughter can be as long or as short as you want them to be

I think I'd be good on a silent retreat

ahh! Do you think I'd be good on a silent retreat, expecting him to say no he surprises me 

I think you probably would, because you're quite reflective

Do you think so?......Well I haven't spoken to anyone for a week

Has that felt weard?

No, well when you think about it, you're having conversations with God, so you're not really in total quite

It's different though

Yes, it's special, because you don't have to rush off somewhere

I think it would be good if I had something to read...but then you're not supposed to have distractions

Yes, you're supposed to commune with God, Paula Gooder says the meaning is in the waiting, so even when you're not doing something you can be actively not doing something


Anyway I never did get to ask you what your favourite colour is


cars red, clothes blue, everything else green

To match you're deep Caribbean blue eyes, I flirt with him

What does green match? he says in a deep husky voice

So why did you get a black car then.....(I start laughing again)......I don't think that I know anyone who has three favourite colours,

I think that's allowed

According to who's rules?

My rules, his voice deepens again

I clear my throat.     What's it like being Mr Vicar?

I think it's a lot easier than being a woman, because there's not a defined role or any expectations, I like being Mr Vicar because I love being married to you

Good answer, we'll have to explore this more deeply next time

You sure? He double raises his eyebrows again.


It's a beautiful sunset here and I'm going to just indulge in one last evening of peacefulness with my husband Mr Vicar.8)







Church Big Day Out

Posted on 4 August, 2016 at 8:35

Hi everyone,

on Saturday we had our church big day out to Paradise wild life park, we had a full coach and two cars, it was amazing, so much to see and do, there were so many things for the children, shows and activities, games and rides even swiming! We left London at 9am and arrived at 10am so just one hour journey, which was great. There was plenty of quiet areas for those who wanted to sit in the sun and watch the lions and tigers.  For those more energetic the water pistons were a riot and the live animal shows were so interesting and entertaining. Many of us went to the speedway museum and had a personal guided tour by Easterine, our organist who's husband who recently passed away Tony, was prominently featured, he was a famous speed way motor bike rider for West Ham, to see more about Tony visit ;

At 5pm we all met up for afternoon tea and fellowship, we sang hymns and the children talked about what they liked best, also some of the adults, this was followed by a short prayer and a delicious bring and share tea which was devoured whilst we picniked on the grass in the glorious sunshine.  At 6pm it was time to say farewell to Paradise park and return home back to St Nicholas church all arrived safely.

We thank God that we were able to go on such a trip, we feel very blessed indeed to have been given assistance from our charity benefactors Machins and the Paradise Park which generously gave us a reduction for our entry tickets.  We thank all our organisers especially Easterine, Maureen and Jennifer, who organised us all on the day.

Have a blessed Week

Revd Louise

VBS huge success

Posted on 4 August, 2016 at 8:25

Hi all

can you believe that summer is already here!

We kicked off summer with our vacation summer school, it was a huge success, lots of arts crafts, cooking, sports and much more all grounded in bible study and prayer. Our theme was 'Back Stage with the Bible'  and on Sunday we finished VBS with Pyjama Sunday a support mission service for Tushinde, where everyone dressed in PJ's for the whole service even the vicar! Our offertory went to Tushinde along with cards written by the children of VBS to the children of Tushinde.

Gifts and Blessings

Posted on 18 July, 2016 at 13:55

Hi all

I hope that your week is going well and that you managed to get to church on Sunday.

Sunday was a great experience of gifts & blessing for us at our church, this week we celebrated lay ministry, our new Lay Minister in training Florence Soares led worship for the first time and Ruby Aryeetey preached for the first time, Ruby is discerning her calling to ministry.  They were well received by everyone and the day was such a blessing for our church and each other in Christ.

I want to ask you to keep us in your prayers, we're so excited about our new ministry team that embraces lay participation, we're so excited about what the Lord is doing within our church, we now have Michael, Nick, Gabriel, John, Florence and Letitia, who God has been calling to lay ministry within our church. That expands our ministry team which has one Reader Cherry, two Spa's Kay & Jennifer, a Children's lay minister Maureen and of course Jack & myself clergy. I just want to ask you all out there to continue to pray for the growth of our church as one family in Christ Jesus and we will continue to pray for you in your churches too. 

God bless you and keep you until next time

Have a blessed week

Vicar Louise 

Trust in the Lord

Posted on 14 July, 2016 at 16:30

How's your week going?

I hope all is well.  You know when I ask that question on Sunday mornings after our church service, most times people say 'oh it was fine'

there isn't much time as you shake hands on the way out of church after the service to talk any further.

I want to reach out to all who might seem lost this week and helpless through things that are going on in their lives. Don't let those negative energies into your thinking! Strength comes from the Lord, reach out to him in prayer and know that he is always with you, whatever you're going through right now, you are his own, called by name, precious in his sight.  Speak to him and he will hear your prayer, ask him for what you desire, let him know what is on your heart so that he may bring you the help that you need.  It might come in an unexpected way after all God sends his angels, put on the armour of Christ, by that I mean, read your bible and come to church; you have no idea what miracles are waiting for you, but know this, God can and does move mountains.  Going to church not only offers you refreshment and nurishment but also support in prayer in God's holy place of sanctuary, have faith in his words and ability to help you.

If you're going through some personal stuff, I want to reach out to you today, I want you to reach for your bible right now and read this reading:

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight

Believe that God is here for you and will never forsake you.

If you have a specific prayer request that you would like me to pray on please do contact me and I will pray for you, no matter where you are in the world, we have requests from all over Africa, the Caribbean, America, wherever you are if you need prayer, with the help of God prayer will come.

Have a blessed day, may God protect and guide you, shine his light upon you and show you his plans that he has in mind for your life


Reverend Louise

Today's a new day

Posted on 10 July, 2016 at 0:55

Welcome to our new blog page

Well today's a new day, where is the sunshine in your day? 

Let us know

You know the most simple things can be the most amazing, seeing where God is at work is truly a blessing.  I hope that your day is going well and that you are able to make time to speak and pray with God.  

May God bless your day and bring you peace and love as you go about your day today.  For those of you who are able, I very much look forward to seeing you on Sunday 

Every Blessing Vicar Louise