St Nicholas Church Deptford

Parish of St Nicholas and St Luke Deptford

Out of Many One People in Christ

Week beginning Sunday  3rd September 2017


Bible Study and worship 2pm


Morning prayer 9.30am

Staff meeting 10.30am


Leap for Jesus toddler service returns during term time

Leapfrogs is closed during school holidays


Early Morning Prayers 7am

This Sunday 3rd September 2017

Harvest Festival at 10.30am

Events coming up 

3rd September Harvest festival

5th September Stewardship bible study

6th September PCC Admin Standing Committee meeting 

10th September Stewardship sermon series

10th September Theology Lecture series How to read the bible

16th September Rev Corine's farewell tea party

17th September final Stewardship sermon series

17th September PCC meeting 

22nd September Deptford X (22-30th)

24th September Theology Lecture series Liturgical colours

27th September Deanery harvest supper